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(DP41) Mod Action Notify


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8 hours ago, DawPi said:

On current version will be approved, there is another arround the corner. 😉


I believe there is something wrong from MarketPlace side because I installed the plugin, and it seems it installed older version because I can't find the new options anywhere or perhaps you uploaded a wrong file. 


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Hi me again, 😁

Sorry, I feel like I'm coming at you with a range of unexpected behaviours.

The latest one is that the members have a 5 minute window to edit their topic. To cover typos or 2nd thoughts etc.

Problem is, if they (a normal member) edit their own post, they get a moderator notification, which is a bit daft. Can you put a conditional in to only send the notification if a moderator/admin edits a topic? Bear in mind I use secondary groups too, so a staff member is in the moderator and the members group.

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good morning my friends 2.0.5 
Fantastic work on the inline notifications, this works so much better for us already. Awesome job @DawPi 

Just a little bug when you click the URL in the "view all notifications page", the link sends you to /notifications/topic (page does not exist) rather than the actual topicimage.thumb.png.2a417ced5c402b193597f8c1ac73b7fd.png

which raises a question.....in



is it possible to have the from xxxx link to the old topic and the to xxx link to the new topic?


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