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Multiple questions problem


Multiple questions  

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It's an old problem, but it's still not fixed. The support team considers it as intended behavior.

The problem

  1. Somebody creates a new topic with a poll.
  2. People vote on it.
  3. Later topic starter adds another new question (without removing an existing one).
  4. People who already voted on this topic can't answer the new question.

Dear Invision team, please, consider changes in this logic. Personally, my users and I face this problem very often. And I'm sure it would be more expected behavior.

Thank you!

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23 minutes ago, The Britain said:

Personally, I think it makes sense. You could easily rig a poll by adding two similar options and then adding a dissenting option later. Maybe add an option? This shouldn't be default behavior though.

currently the added question affect only members don't have already voted, them could vote the new option :rofl:

motomac ask for new question, not for new option/choice.

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@The Britain sorry, I don't clearly understand your post. If you are talking about falsifying the results by the topic starter it's anyway very easy right now. He can simply rename answers.

Maybe the question in this poll is not enough detailed, but I described the full picture in the first post. The poll should be considered as its part.

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I would prefer they first fix the current flaw that allows guest to view poll results.
This was fixed many years ago i 2.x, but have been introduced again i 4.x.
The " Users can view the results before voting? " setting does not make sense as it is now, it's just to log out to see the result.

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