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Ability for members to have their personal homepage


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Right now, my members are at my mercy on designing a functional homepage. However I decide to create the layout, set up the widgets, etc, its all valid for all members and they have to follow my logic and taste, which is not applicable to everyone. I can create a last topics feed with 10 records with gallery images below that, but some member might prefer feed of 20 records and no gallery images. 

I think it would be great if there is an opportunity for the members to create their own homepage - they can use the block manager to drag and rearrange the widgets they find interesting, they can increase the feed records for some widget if they wish. Similar to extending the awesome flexibility of activity streams also to blocks, widgets and layouts.

If that is too much work, I think it will be great if we (the admins) can create many pages and members can choose which one they want as a default homepage. 

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