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Bulk force change of registration email address


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Vodafone is closing its email service, affecting 250,000 customers.

How do I best implement all my members with vodafone email addresses to reset their registration emails?

Multiple domains are affected including










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You have different options, which should more or less work in a way:

  1. Send a bulk mail with changes to all of your members announcing they have to switch their email addresses if they use the mentioned domains above. Then hope, that they will adhere to your words :) 
  2. Use "automation rules" application with a proprietary rule automation to identify members with such email addresses at login time and notify them continuously.
  3. Use complex SQL database queries to A. find out members with such email addresses and B. save these email addresses for later insertion into special plugins, that will take over the job of reminding these members to change
  4. Search in ACP for all members for above email domains, and move them into a secondary special group "emailchange". After that, use one of the many "change email address" plugins in the marketplace. 


As a general hint: the search function in the header allows you to easily find plugins and advices. I just searched the marketplace for "email". :sorcerer:

As a personal opinion:

The current implementation lacks a lot modern handling of email marketing possibilities which were mentioned in dozens of threads. There has a lot of work to be done in the future.

  • No email validation from time to time, no integration of email verification by third party provider (to remove trash emails, banned emails, bouncing emails, undeliverable emails...)
  • No ongoing reverification / authentification
  • No advanced default email templates (not easy for a lot users to build their own ones),
  • No click tracking system
  • No 1-click opt-out of ALL emails (as for member and for admin option)
  • No bulk email "categories" for subscribing to different contents
  • No automatic account deactivation for bad emails

I know, there are a lot applications and plugins and also external solutions out there who can perform a part of these jobs but I'm missing a native complete solution, that can guarantee that all members always have good email addresses, that they only get the contents they wish to receive and that they can opt-out without further processes. I'm also fearing that the use of different email plugins at once can cause conflicts with sensitive use cases as they might not operate well together after updates. Especially if you have large communities, the danger is high, that you commit email-misuse as an unintended, accidental incident, if you must comply with legal regulations.

At last, I would also wish, that many forum functions (can use x application/plugin, will be promoted to group Y...) could have a setting/permission, that they are only granted, if a member has the email opt-in feature "allow admin emails/send me news and informations" set to YES. This way, I could really setup the community more into the direction of email marketing, as my members would be forced to "receive bulk emails" as long as they wish to order my newsletters. I think the bulk email opt-in option is taking a backseat in the importance of email marketing.

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