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Using a SeedBox for File Storage?


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I am curious as to how the File Storage features works in IPB, specifically the FTP store. Everything at my site is stored locally at the moment, and when the Gallery or Download sections get hammered my site can slow down. I am on a dedicated server, but to just increase my monthly bandwidth by 1TB is $50 extra per month. However I can grab a seedbox for $13 per month and get 25TB worth of bandwidth which is more than I would ever need and since I have FTP access....I could just set my Gallery and Downloads sections to store data over there? This way if those sections are getting hammered by traffic, we wont feel it as badly.

Is anyone running their site from one server and hosting files thru the FTP store for other area's? Since the files would be elsewhere, I could rsync them down to my NAS incase the seedbox has issues.


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