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6 minutes ago, -FP said:

What's that :p

Something that keeps causing me problems :p ... have to have it though when creating themes

Also noticed no MarketPlace link in the Navigation ... was this forgotten or intentional ?

I see moved the marketplace link now so not as noticeable ... intentional or what ?

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I like the new site, nice work, and I've only seen half of it so far. Also I like how it's more appealing as a customer relationship manager and support product to potential large brands/enterprises, much like Lithium seemingly is.

Not too sure about 2 of the featured communities in the screenshots being the best advert for 4.2 though. I figured they must be very special examples as they were clearly chosen from the client base, so I Googled them hoping to learn more. Not intending to upset or cause offence to the site owners but one was absolutely crawling along performance wise, and had far too many off-putting ads. Another had some obvious CSS positioning/layout issues with its custom theme, as some of the text content was partially covered by other content.

BTW, I spotted a small typo:


Generate income from your community using Invision Community's range of monetization tools, from premium subscription-based access to your best content through to off-the-shelf ad solutions like Google Analytics - or even ad space sold directly to your members.

Possibly meant to be Google Ads or Adsense?

Anyway, nice job as always! :thumbsup:

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@The Old Man They feature sites based on notoriety to associate their product with companies and/or organizations that customers can actually relate to. This adds value to the product and some reassurance that companies as large as NBC, NHL, EVERNOTE and at one time Bethesda trusts and recommends IPS over the competitors. The majority if not all of the featured sites have been companies with the following in the millions if that adds any depth to the question.

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