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1. There was an ability in IP.Content 3.4 that I using that for a long time. which when you activate Wiki editing in a Database, you have this ability to restrict Permissions per-category. which means, regular users didn't access for wiki editing in some DB and Categories. It was crucial for my site, because there was a Hierarchical structure. normal users only had access to editing in certain categories. Instead, only experienced users have acceess to all restricted categories.

While we have category permissions list in Pages 4.x, but edit permission is not working when you activate wiki editing. in that case, Edit permissions it's totally without function. like you revoke permission for edit for certain group, but they can edit records anyway. Based on this post, "Wiki editing" is not "Wiki Editing" anymore, but it's "Moderator editing". which means all users considered as some sort of Moderators. It's not the way a wiki system works. because in wikis we have Users, Restricted Users, Moderators, etc...

In IP.Content 3.4, we have this ability to make this happen. and I think Pages 4 regarding this matter have Regression.

I really suggest that this feature be back, and when wiki editing are enable to a database, all permissions lists work the way as wiki editing are disable.

2. It's basically happen when you Enable Wiki Editing. Just like Download App, when someone Upload new version of a file, you have there an option to be notified about that. in Activity list, you can see one file is updated by someone. // In a Database with Wiki editing is Enabled, You sending like 20 new article today, and tomorrow, some of them edited, one of them completely changed. as a good editing or subversion editing doesn't matter. point is, you have a hard time to find out which one is edited. specially in Databases with so many articles. many records may push back in pages 5 or 6 in category listing. The best way is, when you follow a record, when that record being edited by someone, follower should notified about that.

3. I have many articles, started by one user as like 3 line articles. thanks to wiki editing, other Users come and edit that article, and article now is more than 50 line! in these case editor, have more contribution to one article than submitter, but editor can claim nothing about that. because it's not recorded in editor user profile. Instead submitter can claim all those 50 lines! My suggestion is Editing a Record, be recorded in user profiles. and record listing row in profiles, show a line about last editor and last edit time.


Thanks :)

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