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Visual activity notification on clubs


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Our club members complain about the leak of visual feedback showing when there is activity on a club. It could be a simple thing like becoming bold or having a notification counter (red circle with number of new posted messages) in the clubs widget block or tab.
It seems that not everybody uses the community in the same way : some people are very "graphically oriented" and navigates through the forums seeking for new messages instead of using the activity streams or unread content. In our case it seems to be "most of the cases", considering the number of received complains in that way.

Thank you for your attention,

Best regards,


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This is a feedback, not a request (the request is above) : we're considering to seriously step back from the "clubs" functionality of the community.

From our members point of view the multiple positive points regarding that functionality are completely insignificant against the leak of activity visibility : our members complain more and more about it and they're actually voting to take a decision...

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