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Avatar problem after convertion from vbulletin 4

Olivier Frascone

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Hi all,

i made the import of a large vbulletin community.

It worked very well, all imported (attachments and emoticons too).

But the user lost their avatar, i checked in the converter configuration but can't see any option about the avatar itself.

The cron tasks are all finished too, have i mist something ? How can i try to rebuild them, Is there an manual option to perform it ?

Thanks for any idea who can help me to find a solution :)



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Were the avatars stored in the database or filesystem ?

Typically the path is left empty for a database import as it should find them (IIRC) the same way it will find the attachment data if its in the database.

Do the members have anything for their avatar (bear in mind there's only one photo now as such) ? , if tis a broken link examine its path to see where it is pointing.


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