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Editing default theme (forums)


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I have played around with every color editor in the Customization>themes>default>edit section. (these: http://prntscr.com/gi0rjh )

but I am unable to make my forum color one solid color, or change it at all for that matter. I cannot find how to edit its colors.


the red arrows show what I want to turn grey, and they cyan arrows show what i want the color to be. But I cannot find any option to forum's color.

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This alternating color in the forum category row is called "Zebra striping" and it cannot be changed in Theme edit section. You can change the color by adding the following CSS code into custom.css of your default theme.

.ipsDataList.ipsDataList_zebra .ipsDataItem:not( .ipsDataItem_selected ):not( .ipsModerated ):not( .ipsDataItem_new ):not( .ipsDataItem_success ):not( .ipsDataItem_warning ):not( .ipsDataItem_error ):not( .ipsDataItem_info ):not( .ipsDataItem_status ):nth-child(even) {
	background: #fafafa; /* change this to any HEX color code you want. */
  /*For example, if you want it to have the same color as you pointed in cyan arrow, you can change this to background: transparent; */


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