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Block an advert on specific thread


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My forum is about video games, adsense are being very strict about "adult" content and saying that anything that even talks about a game, movie, anything slightly risque is a violation, this was the example they used (obvs slightly nsfw, but I think it's tame and not "content intended to be sexually gratifying", the intent is just to tell people about a game) https://forum.n-europe.com/topic/26302-catherine/

The annoying thing is these threads have been there forever, they're just all of a sudden complaining. Adsense is our only way to pay for hosting etc. Other ad providers dont provide decent enough code, responsive ads etc, or dont generate enough money.

Anyway even on vbulletin 3 I could block ads from threads very simply :/

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AdSense has a simple philosophy. Comply or don't publish.

If I were you I would move all the questionable content to a forum or sub forum of it's own. Then use the examples posted at the link below to remove ads from the specific forum_id you don't want ads in. 

The translation of "threads" can be confusing, as IPBoard uses the hierarchy FORUM >> SUB FORUM >> TOPIC >> POST.



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