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9 hours ago, Unlucky said:

can i see some more screensots

might be interested in buying

Thank you for your interest.

It's a very simple app.  It adds Venues to the +Create button on the front-end, so your users can add their own venues on the front-end instead of only admins.  If you host many calendar events in physical locations, it's hard for an admin to define all locations in advance so we wanted to let our users create locations and events on their own.  Right now, they can't do that in IPS and always need to message me.  

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Are you planning holiday meet-ups for your community around the country or region?  Want to make new destinations for your meet-ups using IP.Calendar?  Bring the power of IP.Calendar and one of its best new features Venues to your real-world gatherings and enjoy the holiday together with other community members.  

Venue Frontend Manager by @Fosters enables you or other users (if given permission) to define new venue locations.  This is perfect to create new locations for:

  • Holiday Getaways
  • Community Retreats
  • Annual Meet-ups
  • Year-end Reviews


  1. First, make sure venues are enabled in IP.Calendar.  Go to ACP > Community > Calendars - Settings > Enable Venues ON.  
  2. Next, make sure your group is given permission to create new venues.  Go to ACP > Members > Members - Groups > Choose the group > Calendar Events > Create new venues ON.  
  3. On the front-end, you can click on +Create to add a new Venue.  


You will see a new option in the +Create menu to add new Venue.



Type in details of the new Venue, which you can then re-use for other events.


Combine the power of your online community and your offline membership in Invision Community, and take them to new locations this winter season with Venues!

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