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Configuration or server error occurred


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Had to reinstall our forum and I restored a backup of the database etc.  I am getting this though when I access it (see attached screenshot)

It has this in it.  I am guess something with the themes that were on it aren't loaded correctly. Is there a way to default it to the default one? 

Board version is the latest one  4.2.3

Something went wrong. Please try again.

Error code: EX0


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Go to the admin panel. Unless you've renamed it (and cannot find the link in that page) it will be /admin on the URL. Remove any ending index.php first so its something like:

your site url . com / admin / (remove spaces) :)

Once there, look for the Support link. The admin panel may also be effected, in which case use your browsers 'find' function to search for 'Support' and click the link. You're basically wanting to run the "something is not working correctly" tool, let it run and then when it says its cleared cached data, click to make it go further if you can. Keep going until it gets to a stage where it wants you to submit a ticket (or its stopped)

View the public side again now, does it show correctly ?

You can also while you are in the admin panel go to Themes and attempt to switch to the default however I'd suggest trying the support tool first if you can.

If you're still strugging in the admin panel to find the 'Support' link the end of the URL (after the session ID) should look something like:


If you are not sure / still stuck / in doubt please submit a ticket in the Client Area for assistance with this. :)

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