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Complete profile - make first contribution


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I've seen a huge increase in completed profiles since the launch of that feature, however not so much an increase of actual new user participation. Whilst it's great to see more new users taking the time to complete their profiles, this yields little long-term benefit if they don't actually contribute.

I'd like to see the ability to prompt contributions included as part of the 'complete your profile' feature. It could include such options as:

  • Make a post
    • Perhaps allow admins to configure a forum for this to go in, such as an introductions area
  • Start a blog
  • Upload an image
  • Comment on something
  • Purchase something
  • Upload a file
  • etc.

Thanks :) 

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I'd like this, too.  Having more built-in engagement related features is always a plus.

My current workaround is using the built-in quick registration along with an awards application to force members to upload a photo during registration.  This in turn grants them an award and lets them know those awards/achievements exist and help promote activity that way.  Who doesn't like earning achievements for simple tasks?!  ?


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