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    • By Fosters
      Add sticky notes and messages everywhere on your community with Notices by @Fosters!   Use the default IPS editor to create beautiful and powerful notices with links, quotes, embeds, and styling.  And with powerful options in the application to style, locate, hide, and filter your notices, you can create a powerful messaging system that's tailored for your community.  
      Greet new members by giving them a friendly "Welcome" notice. Create a tour by only showing target-specific notices in certain applications. Engage inactive members filtering for certain posting dates or ranges. Encourage superfans by hyper-targeting them by reputation. Get repeat business by integrating with Commerce purchases. and more ... ! Create unlimited notices and post them anywhere in your community!
      Color Style - blue, red, orange, and green Dismissable or Permanent Location - six default locations Floating - allow fixed position to float on viewport Device - show or hide on device size Application - show or hide in certain applications Date - show on specific dates Filters - multiple criteria including group, posting date, leaderboard, reputation, commerce, and gallery (Uses IPS4 Member Filter System)
    • By Nathan Explosion
      Starting this because they are likely to get lost in the other topic related to the refresh
      No more 'Create' button? Shame Client area - clicking "Our Community" is pointless, isn't it? (see first screenshot below) Title doing a "John Cena" behind the header (see second screenshot below)  

    • By A Zayed
      Simply, This plugin will inject text into any post copied from your site (by "Ctrl+C" or "Right Clicking then Copy")...
      When I user copies (Ctrl+C) this content:
      "lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" When the user paste (CTRL+V), the content will be (for example):
      "lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" Read more here : Some URL This's very useful to get a backlink to your site...
      Many thanks @EricT for introducing this idea.
    • By VOK
      Apparently (although Invision themselves have no record of this) emails went out over a year ago informing users that their older package would be 'grandfathered'.
      Today, with zero notice, our site is down.
      As someone who speaks at membership events and has recommended Invision many many times I am severely disappointed today.
      Apart from the obvious disloyalty, my questions remain unanswered.

      1. Although you say you have no logs, and having searched through 2 years of emails, where is the official statement of this upcoming change? - surely you have that?

      2. I would have expected to receive a notification of the post-grandfathered period/cut-off for when I am forced to upgrade - where is this notification and what is the official date - again surely you have this as an official statement somewhere?

      3. What happens if my account remains as it is?
      4. If my package and the one above it is no longer available then why does it show in a list of upgrade options?
      Does anybody really find it acceptable that this can happen?
    • By Nathan Explosion
      In the absence of the bug tracker...here is "Silly stuff what I noticed - part 1"
      I am creating a brand new topic right now - I'm going to include a screenshot of me doing it...look at the 'Recently browsing' bit at the bottom (Zoom in)

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