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3 minutes ago, Unlucky said:


Can you add guests group to who can see

We want to use one of these as a call to action for guests to signup and register to site


Thanks, I didn't know that it's missing.

It seems that the Group MemberFilter doesn't include guests.
Will include a new option for this ASAP

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1 hour ago, Unlucky said:

I have mine set to Dismissible - but there is not option for user to close

How do they close the notice?

Also feature request for future if possible

Add option to display middle left, middle center, middle right



Sorry it's only guests that cannot dismiss the notices

Yes, guests can't dismiss notices because we store the dismissed items in the database.

The client who initially requested this app didn't need it for guests, so we hadn't such problems in mind. 
I'll make sure that the next release fixes this issues

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12 minutes ago, Unlucky said:

Thanks because guests are seeing them regardless and so blocking menu links and navigation is being effected

The menu shouldn't be blocked. We have spent a lot of time to ensure this. Not dismissable items can be moved around, so that they don't block anything.

Anyway, it was tricky, but I was able to include groups into the filter :)59ac23d730d6b_Bildschirmfoto2017-09-03um17_45_50.thumb.png.efcff81eaeb2f9c7c8e126151144d6f5.png

It just needs some further testing and then we should be ready to release it


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4 hours ago, GrooveOnBeat said:

Is this app compatible with IPS 4.1x or only 4.2x?

Sorry, I missed this question.
No, it's not compatible with IPS 4.1.x since it uses some methods which exist only since 4.2

A new version was released.


New Features:

  • New Groupcriteria which includes guests
  • Guest Notices are now also dismissable

Fixed Bugs:

  • Selected Style on the ACP Edit Page was wrong


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for some reason your latest version does not remember that a user has dismissed the notice

Also your do not show on mobile device does not work

I was out tonight testing and although I had selected do not show on mobile device when setting up the notices, your notice was appearing on my android phone

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