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Content I Posted In All Gone?


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I have a bunch of users comaplining that when they click on the Activity Stream > Content I Posted In that they no longer see all there posts. Only content from maybe a week back. Why would this happen? Is there any way to get this back to show all their content? Maybe reset it? Any help would be wonderful! Thank you.

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Two things to check really.

First of all the limit for it globally > ACP > System > Content Discovery > Search > " Content to include in results " , you can adjust this for a time period (days) or all of it.

If that's OK, then the next setting down in Content Discovery are the Steams themselves, take a look at the list here and click the icon on the right to in this case edit the "Content I posted" > Just verify the 'time period' is suitable if its set to anything other than "Any Time" , repeat this with "Content I started" if required too.


EDIT... @opentype was faster.

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