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How to improve performance of the server?

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Hello guys,

My forum is running in this server:
Processor: 2 x 2.6GHz Octa-Core E5-2670 Sandy Bridge Xeon $0
Memory: 64GB
Primary Hard Drive: SSD 960 GB
Second Hard Drive: SSD 480 GB
Third Hard Drive: SATA 3 TB
Operating System: CentOS 7.x
Bandwidth: 20TB on 1Gbps port
Internal Network: 1 Gbps
Cloud Storage: 10GB

PHP 7.1 / MariaDB  /  


We have already configured crohn and memcached. Is there any other configuration that can optimize the speed of the site?  in the last tests in GTMetrix website we have this results






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This is the config:


Web server Nginx or Apache:  Easyapache 4
Mysql: MariaDB
Php: 7.1
System: CentOS 7.x
Kernel: i dont know
Network: 1 Gbps 
Cache options like Memcached and Zend opcache: Memcached


10 seconds is a lot, right? The extra question of this test is that, I did the GTMetrix test using the server option in São Paulo, because our public is this, but the server is hosted in Florida. Even though 10 seconds is still a lot?

I saw that you do this type of work. Do you think this is possible better? if yes, can you send me by Private Message how much does it cost to improve this?


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I'm certainly no expert on this, and I'm certianly not second-guessing those in the know on this thread.  But I can't help but make the following observation: when I test my site using one or several online testing services, the load time for the splash page often hits 9 seconds.  However, in a "real world" scenario my site's splash page loads on all browsers (with cache cleared) in about 4 seconds (the exception being Vivaldi, which for some reason loads the first page real slow but then is fine).

I know there are many factors that go into the final equation, but I can't help but note a big discrepancy between what these test sites often say and my own experiences on several different computers.

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I´m running cloudflare with no extra option like html, css and javscript improvement. Have you tried to running it without any extra option? If the server is in Germany and a member open your site in Australia it could take up to 20 second without cloudflare.

You can hire ASTRAPI for more help. He is an expert on this.

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In Cloudflare the site was a little faster, but there was this problem with Tapatalk that I could not solve. It was only settled after I left. Yes, I did several tests with all the settings and it did not help. 


I'll wait for the answer from the ASTRAPI to see if he can speed up my forum. Thank you!

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