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How to break off the first few pages of a thread ...


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I'm in a strange predicament, I have a thread on my forum that was started in 2004 that has warped into 10673 pages of ... I'm last as people just post away for 13 years! :)

I'm getting ready to kill the thread, however, I'm getting some flack ... a proposal was given to me that I take the first 20 or so pages from the thread -- break off the last 10 pages or os of the thread and merge them.

However, I can't break off the first few post into a new topic ... I have to literally try and break off the 10,000 pages and split them off ... in order to save the initial posts etc.

106,915 replies along with 2 million views over the time -- so it's sentimental to folks.  

Any thoughts on how to do it?


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