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CJ Affiliate work with IPS?


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Hey guys. I am building a community on my own VPS server. I am getting fed up with viglink and their 3 day response time with vauge answers to my questions and lots of issues with their revenue reporting. 

Does anyone use CJ affiliates on your forum? I am looking at their automated deep linking tool. Basically requires loading their JS in the header and it auto affiliates any link posted on the forum that links to one of their affiliate companies. Amazon and viglink does the same thing, but Amazon pays crap anymore. 

Anyone use CJ  (formerly commision junction)  on their IPS forum? Any tips on loading the code properly? 

Link to their auto deep link info. It looks pretty good. http://www.cj.com/publisher/deep-link-automation

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I don't use CJ affiliate but another platform. I see the youtube's video form CJ and it's the similar JS code than I use on my other affiliate's platform. I don't know if it's the good method but for me I add the js code in the theme's template and that's work very fine. 

You need to add the js code in your html template "postContainer" and work fine (I did this a few days ago). Try it in your test installation for see if that's work ;) 


But I repeat, I don't know if it's the better method, but for me work fine (for the forum). :) 

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