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Placing article titles under categories in list page


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Hello!  We've created a database in IPS for Articles.


As you can see, it currently have 4 categories and 27 records.  I believe that it uses the standard templates for displaying the database information.  Here's a screenshot of those settings in the database:



As it stands, the Categories are displayed as...



Clicking on one of the categories shows the corresponding articles:


We'd like to have the categories and articles displayed like a table-of-contents, and all on one page.

For example:

Getting Started
  - Overview and Architecture
  - Accessing Monster For the First Time
  - Setting Up Your First Office

General FAQs
  - How do I create a user?
  - What is the price?

This new page would replace the old categories page.

I've found two similar questions....

 ...but I could use more specific, step-by-step help - pretty please!






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I think that I'm understanding how to get this done, but I'm having some trouble finding the resource I need.  Where can I find documentation on functions such as



   {{$count = $RecordsClass::contentCount( $category, FALSE );}}

When I google for, say, "IPS Community contentCount", I get very little.  What documentation do I need to read to understand what functions are available?  I'd like to, for example, get all articles for a given category, but I can't figure out how to do so.


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