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Just now, AlexJ said:

Is it possible for you to update it to support that? Then I will go ahead and purchase it up. 

Sorry, the script library for this plugin im using has no options for that and i don't really want to spend time customizing it 

but in future updates, maybe! :)



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just asking for the latest requests ^^ if possible:

  • disposable ticker (until modified or relogin)
  • bug: "members allowed to modify ticker" -> only 1 or first member permission is honored. A second member entered there isn't allowed to modify it on frontend (no pen symbol/button), but should be unlimited (like the field in ACP, who can edit)


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5 minutes ago, pilotguy said:

Mr. @TAMAN - What is the best way to remove the top/bottom padding.  I tried and what would normally work, kinda borked the theme so I reverted.  In example shown below, I wish to remove the 7px padding on the top/bottom.




There is a setting for margins in the news ticker configurations


just put 0 ?.

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Just now, livegames.co.il said:


I am wondering if the RSS will work on my board.

I dont have pages app installed on my sidebar .but, i have this alternative .. (ver 4.3)




RSS will work ?


No, sorry it wont work this is forum rss feed imports

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2 minutes ago, Ramsesx said:

A very cool plugin. Love it so far. One suggestion, it would be great if there would be an option for the members to disable the ticker. For example an option in the account settings "show ticker?" yes/no

This would make the app perfect (for me)

Or, a little (X) they could click which would disable it for x amount of hours/days

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Just now, Josiah Wallingford said:

Is it possible to add the "Our Picks" feed to the news ticker?

Possible with pages, but i cant help. sorry.

I have only customized pages database records template

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