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Problem with registered users same IP

Cristian Romero

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IPS helpers and IPS staff we have a problem.

For the following reason users when they are registered from different places in the world always in the control panel shows the same IPs, S even some user tells us that when entering the forum shows them an account that is not theirs.

That is, when they register in the forum apparently all go through the same firewall ip ip here I leave you a catch as this happens:


We have a problem that you can never see the real ip of registered users to be informed to the police in case you have any problem, as we can solve this.

We have contracted sucuri.net as firewall protection we have written to support they ask us to do this in the forum:

IP Board

Settings: Security and Privacy -> "Enable X_FORWARDED_FOR IP matching" set to 'yes'.

Unfortunately I do not find this option in my forum can be that this configuration is of the first versions of IPS the current mine is the following v4.2.2.

Without more hope I can receive help on this topic from now thank you community

A greeting to all members and IPS team

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