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Group Records [~$200]


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I run a fairly large military-themed gaming community, and something that was used back in the day was a plugin called "MILPACS", which is essentially a system that allowed for showing attendance, promotions, ribbons, medals, and a bit more.

I'd like to have this system in Invision, however it seems as a PHPNuke plugin, it would not be feasible. If someone can make a similar system, or get this PHPNuke plugin working on IP4, I would gladly pay at least $200 for the functionality.


Just shoot me a private message if it's something you'd like more information on.



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Can't find any real documentation for installation anymore, but it's meant as a PHPNuke module. Developer abandoned it, and while there are a couple working on making a standalone version of it, they don't seem to be in any hurry to finish. If you do a quick google search of "MILPACS Arma 3", you can find quite a few sites that use it, though they're on Xenforo.


Also, note that I use the Cloud hosting.

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21 hours ago, Aiwa said:

I'm currently hiding from Harvey. My house has seen over 20" of rain in the last 2 days. I ask for patience. 

I've downloaded the file, but not yet looked at it. 

Ah - stay safe! I've got family down there as well, though they seem to be decently protected. 

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