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_handleStateChanges not call _updateSort 4.2.0


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Into core.global.core.table the _handleStateChanges not call _updateSort because of: (the state seem be the same of current)

if( ( !_.isUndefined( state.data.sortby ) && !_.isUndefined( state.data.sortdirection ) ) && 
	( state.data.sortby != this._urlParams.sortby || state.data.sortdirection != this._urlParams.sortdirection ) ){
	this._updateSort( {
		by: state.data.sortby,
		order: state.data.sortdirection 

With core.global.core.generictable there is some other event that call _updateSort but are not present into core.global.core.tableplus.thumb.png.6f3ad22971257ed96b06b96e97adca03.png

How i solve this:


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