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Theme variables/resources heritage


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Hi IPS. This idea - improvement for parent / children themes.

We have this themes heritage:

  • 4.2 - Default Theme
    • Example - Theme With HTML Templates, Default Resources and Custom Theme variables
      • Theme_1 - theme, where we do some coloring for a structure in Example
      • Theme_2 - theme, where we redefine some resources, which replace default resources from Example. For example, background image for body
      • Theme_3 - theme, where we redefine some variables


  • we want remove rosource jpg file from Theme_2 and Theme_3 and get this image from parent Example theme. Now if we remove resource - it can't load by {resource='back.jpg'...} from Example
  • we want to change some global color in Example theme with variable - we can't do it, if we not define or remove this variable from children theme {theme="some_color"} - didn't load it from Example

Will be perfect, if theme varibales and resources will load from parent, if in child theme it not defined.


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