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Exclude Groups from Leaderboard, NOT from Reputation Points.


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We're looking for a different approach to group exclusions please. 

To keep a unified experience for our readers, we'd like our Admins and Moderators to show the reactions on their post, and even for those reactions to count towards their reputation.




We don't want Admins/Mods showing up on the leaderboard, the leaderboard is meant to be a driver for light competition amongst members that submit content. By default admins and mods post the most, we don't want them occupying 4 of 4 available slots. 


Please add the option of excluding GROUPS from DISPLAYING on the LEADERBOARD, not from receiving reputation.


Thanks for your consideration.


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This seems very sensible to me, and I had the same thought when it was first introduced here and Charles and Matt seemed constantly to be contesting the top spot. It wasn't very inspiring, much as I think the concept itself is. And it won't be inspiring on my site either when people constantly see me in the top slot by virtue of the fact I have the most output. I need to have the option to exclude myself and leave it as something that quality regular posters can have their fifteen minutes of fun with.

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