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Commerce Renewal Emails - How to Disable on a Dev System?

Joy Rex

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I'm currently getting my 4.2 upgrade tweaked in a development environment, and although the Commerce module is disabled, I have gotten emails from members (we took a snapshot of our 3.4.9 install and upgraded in development) with renewal notices from the development environment!

Is there another setting I can switch this off while we work on the dev environment?

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@Stuart Silvester - thanks - I assume you're referring to this section of the manual:


Email Debugging

For power users, you can write full email logs to disk. If you need to debug the emails being sent from the Suite, you can create a folder named _mail (with appropriate write permissions) in your Suite root directory, and then add in your constants.php (editing the example path provided):

define( 'EMAIL_DEBUG_PATH', "/full/path/to/the/folder/_mail" );

This will cause every email to be logged to a flat file under this _mail folder. The email will not actually be sent. You should not leave this on for long, especially on a production forum.

  • The emails will not be delivered to the recipients
  • The files written are in plain text, and viewable via a web browser if you know the correct URL
  • A high-traffic forum can generate many hundreds or thousands of debug files in a day

The debug switch is useful, however, to determine the raw contents of the email being sent to identify any problems, and to confirm the emails you expect to send are being generated and passed to the mail transport agent.

So create a folder named "_mail" at the install root, and then add that line to the constants.php folder, correct?

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