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Anyone in 4:2 care to test something...

Allen Bradford

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I am in 4.1 and haven't upgraded yet to 4.2. (I plan to soon, I have reasons for the delay, that's not the point).

I've found myself administrating and moderating my Board on my iPad 95% of the time as opposed to my desktop iMac. I noticed you can't upload a new ad file using an iPad, when creating a new ad in the native IPS advertising application. You choose to upload a file and hit Choose Single File...and nothing, nada.

I created a low priority Ticket to see if this was true, and haven't gotten a sufficient answer. I added to that ticket that at the least I would like to know if this issue is corrected in 4.2. Nothing.

So, if anyone is on 4.2 and an iPad and cares to check that out: AdminCP/System/Advertisements... I'd appreciate it.


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