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Having Trouble Installing Apache24

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When I tried to install IPS through my local server, I get an error message and error logs.


I don't know why it's not saying 'root' instead of nothing because I've access to phpMyAdmin and access values are showing yes.

If you need anything else from me, just ask because I been on this trying to install IPS and setting up a local server.

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I'm also having trouble with OpenSSL PHP extension not loading. On the system check, it says, "You do not have the OpenSSL PHP extension loaded which is required.", but I've it inside php/ext. Also, I've uncommented the semicolon inside the file called "php.ini" inside the PHP folder and linked it to my own path (c:/dev/progs/php/ext/php_openssl.dll), but it still shows that message. Furthermore, I've also made environment variables to connect my PHP folder and 'openssl.cnf', but it still shows that message.

My PHP version is 5.6.31.

I'm also having problems with MySQL. The system check says, "You are not running a compatible version of MySQL. You need MySQL 5.1.3 or above (5.6.2 or above recommended). Please be aware that only version 5.5.0 or above is officially supported. You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator to ask for an upgrade.", but I've an above version (5.6.30).

If anyone has knowledge about this or anything that can resolve my issues, I'll be happy because I've been in circles doing this and weeks trying to figure this out.

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Yes, it is.

18 hours ago, DesignzShop said:

why not WAMP then work from there?

Oh, I didn't know that they made an application that has all of the requirements.

Thanks for telling me. When I get a chance, I'll install it and see from there.

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14 hours ago, Brian A. said:

Thanks so much for pointing that out to me and for helping me out, I really appreciated.

You are more than welcome Brian. I have a configuration file for WAMP also. I'll pm that to you at a later time today when I get a chance.

EDIT: Just sent

Kind Regards

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