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Upgrade Gallery App

Fierce God

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I'm gonna post this here until i'm told to submit a ticket, due to me not wanting to waste IPS time

So when 4.2.2 came out i had the Gallery App uninstalled but still in the list of apps on my board

Now i have found a reason to use the Gallery app, but after reinstalling it, it says 4.2, but shows a message that i cant run the app due to it not being updated, please see cliente area for Full Community Suite download??

But when i go to my client area here , there is no option anywhere for the full download........i am already running the latest version of 4.2.2 and i'm a Cloud Cliente 

Does anyone know how to get the app back working again, or where i need to look?

Or do i just need to go ahead and submit the Support ticket??

Thanks in advance 



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