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Ability to "exclude" forums from Activity, not only include


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This actually applies not only to the activity streams, but also to feed widgets, etc. You basically have two options:

1. Include all forums and topics in activity/widget
2. Include selected forums and topics in activity/widget

The problem with 2 is that once you exclude one forum (or to be more precise - include all but one), then when a new forum is added it is also automatically in the exclusion list. Let me give an example if I have the following forums:

-First forum with good content I don't want to ignore
-Second forum with good content I don't want to ignore
-Third forum that consists of RSS feed that I don't want to spam my activity stream. 

Naturally, I remove "Third forum" from the activity stream and initially all is good. However if I do that and later "Fourth forum with good content I don't want to ignore" is added, it is automatically excluded as well. I need to modify my activity stream again and chances are, I might not even notice that this forum exists.

Please allows us to have a filter of the type "All, but the selected forums". 

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I have suggested this in different threads, I know I'm not the only one with heaps of subforums (but I have thousands of them), yet even if they were just hundreds or a few dozens, I don't see why it's "include" instead of "exclude". It won't make a difference to whoever has just a few subforums, but it does make a hell of a difference to those who have many.

Add to the problem, the way the selection works on 4.2, where you cannot right-click and select the ones you want, include categories in the one go, and then deselect manually the ones you don't need. Or select all by ticking, and then deselect one, two, or as many as you need.

On 3.4, even when it was also include, at least it was much more flexible and quicker to do this.

On top, let's say you've selected 2,500 subforums (don't laugh, that's the task I have ahead, yet it has never been a problem in 10 years of operating IPBoards), you know the little tags underneath the selection box that tell you what subforum you've selected, just imagine the effect that would have on that ACP page, you'll need to scroll down for miles to get to the next configuration setting down below. :cry:

I haven't seen anything posted by IPS staff whether they're looking into this or plan to, so any info about what's happening in that respect will be highly appreciated.

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