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Mobile menu should include your member name


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There is no indication in the mobile menu on which account you're logged into. There is no profile image or member name. 

I suggest that you add the member name to the Sign Out-button, so it'll say for example: Sign Out TSP

Alternatively you could have a small line at the top of the mobile user menu with the avatar and user name next to it, above the sign out-button or the message/notification/report-icons.

Thanks for considering this small change that I feel will improve the mobile user experience.

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Someone deserves a raise! 

I'm working on an upgrade to 4.5 now where I'm updating a custom theme, and as a result I saw that this bit of feedback has finally been resolved 😄

Sorry for the bump, but I had a slight squeal of joy as I saw this, as it has been one of those annoying little pet peeves I've had with the default theme for some years now. 

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