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Modding "Recent Topics" feed

Nakamura RTS

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3 hours ago, AndyF said:

What are you looking to actually do with it ?

I'm just asking as it may be possible to do what you want without resorting to a hard file edit that's all. :)


It's a bit hard to explain - my site is going to feature various game communities that are mutually excluding forum sections from other games and each has its own portal.

I'd like the portals to show the recent topics from the correct sections only, and I'd like to sort the feed by source forum section. Something like the attachment.




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On 17-8-2017 at 11:11 PM, Nakamura0114 said:

Hi all,

Could someone please let me know which file needs to be altered in  order to change the functionality of the recent topics feed?

Thanks in advance.

The file in question is called topicFeed.php and can be found in this location: applications/forums/widgets inside your forum folder.

Instead of altering the file manually, it would better to develop a plugin for this imho btw.

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