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Add getNewComment link to #comments-url in blogs


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Could you make the URL to the comments area go to the first unread comment instead of your current link? I'm quite tired of having to maintain my own template edits in this area. 

Your link is for example: 

<li><a href='{$entry->url()}#comments' title='{lang="view_comments"}' class='ipsType_light'>{lang="num_comments" pluralize="$entry->num_comments"}</a></li>

Without the following custom template edit instead, our members complain a lot: 

<li><a href='{{if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id}}{$entry->url('getNewComment')}{{else}}{$entry->url()}#comments{{endif}}' title='{lang="view_comments"}' class='ipsType_light'><i class='fa fa-comment'></i> {lang="num_comments" pluralize="$entry->num_comments"}</a></li>

Thanks for considering improving how the comment links in the blog area works. 

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