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2 hours ago, Genestoy said:

Now I see what they did

Used to be - monthly_06_2016

Now - monthly_2017_06

So they were not in order with all the older folders from before the upgrade

Thanks for the reply steve00!


Sorry but what ... they have been in the year - month for years



ADDED: Perhaps depends on how server setup as live site is as you state and my test forum is as I state .... weird ?

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15 minutes ago, Genestoy said:

Yep, you are right Andy and I still have files in the uploads folder (not in their own monthly folders) from the "early days" of IPS!

:) I have not experimented with manually moving them over on 4x. I do recall trying this on 3x at some point and it did not update them, mainly what were 'avatars' at the time.

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