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Featured Live Stream Block

Fierce God

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Was wondering if there is a Dev/Author that can make me a simple Block widget that can hold Featured Live Streams from Mixer.com, Twitch.tv, and Smashcast.tv

I have a app already that shows the members streams(Videobox)...yes i have repeatedly asked the dev to make this such block widget, but they won't!

So is there a Dev willing to make this as a separate app/plugin by itself

I would like for the app or plugin to be able to hold multiple Featured urls....these are Paid for from Package called Exclusive......i don't need the app or plugin tied into Commerce

I will manually key in the urls myself after i see the package has been purchased

The main key Feature of this bock will be that, even if i have 20 urls keyed in...the block will only pull out the streams that are actually live

So you would have a Big Block....have a Main screen that shows the live stream...then under it, say as thumbnails....would be the other urls that are actually live...whoever is looking at the block can either watch the stream in the main screen or click on one of the thumbnails and it will switch with the one that is already playing in the main screen, the one that was in the main screen at first will then drop back down to being a thumbnail

Also the main screen changes Stream automatically on page refresh or page load

this can be a Marketplace sold app/plugin......i won't be selfish and try to only keep this for myself, as i believe that this should be available to anyone that runs a Gaming site with Live Streams

i will try to draw a screenshot of this

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Here is ruff draft of what i would think it would look like


IPS Featured Block.jpg

When the block is in edit mode...i can key in the urls.........those thumbs will only show the urls that are actually live

but the back door of the whole block will hold all urls..live or not

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