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How do I update CKEditor buttons/config?


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I have several custom buttons in my CKEditor setup for things like pasting from Word, footnotes, inserting special chars. etc.  With 4.2.2, which uses CKEditor 4.7.1, I find that some of my buttons no longer work and have to be deleted/updated.

However, it isn't clear how one goes about this.  Does one just install an updated version of a button over its old version?  Do you click Restore Default Configuration and just rebuild your custom editor with updated versions of your buttons?  There doesn't seem to be a way of actually deleting a button from your CKEditor configuration...or am I missing something?

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Don't go to the 'restore default configuration' option early - that's a very last resort.

First, try uploading the new version via the 'Add new button' button - this used to fail, due to the plugin already being installed, so if it still does then IPS still need to provide an upgrade method as well as the install method.

Second, you can upload the new plugin files via ftp to \applications\core\interface\ckeditor\ckeditor\plugins\pluginfolder (overwrite existing files, after taking a backup)

Third, I've seen a reference to a delete button on a button's settings but I've never seen that in all of my testing (on 4.1 and 4.2)

Last resort....restore default configuration and reinstall all the plugins.

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