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Tried to post a review after downloading but it wouldn't let me for some reason. Regardless, I purchased this to try and solve an issue I was having with a theme. The theme just took all the defaults for the store and it did not render the pictures good at all, it look unprofessional. So, I had hopes that this plugin would solve that issue. Well I am happy to report that it did and it did it real well too! Awesome! Thanks!

You may want to try and fix the Review thing, it was the lack of reviews that delayed my purchase and almost stopped me altogether.

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oops, I may have spoken too soon! It appears that your plugin breaks the new entry editor screen when trying to make a new Blog entry. It works fine when I disable your plugin but fails to show when yours is enabled. See attached pics. Any ideas?? It's not good if it breaks the Blog functionality.



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15 minutes ago, Stephane said:

Do not send it to me in this case. I will contact you by MP for the correction. I will try to correct the problem without the theme.

Thanks Stephane! I have also submitted this to the theme author but I have not heard anything back from them as yet. His name on the MP is TAMAN, maybe the 2 of you could work together, his theme would benefit from your plugin! :)

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