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facebook is creepy


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I tried to start a facebook page for my site. I don't want all my family and coworkers knowing about my site but I would like to advertise using social networks.

I didn't give facebook my phone number and I used a totally new email address. Soon as I signed up I see in the "People I may know list" all friends and family I have ever known.

What the heck? How do these goons get all my information???

Does this mean my new page will show up in THEIR "People you may know list"???

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No it shouldn't. I agree though, FB is creepy as you put it. To make sure though, have a close friend check and see if it shows up. Don't add much info until you know for sure. If you created your page with a new name you should be OK.

I also created a page a month or so ago. I didn't do it for my website but my music and it seems to be OK. Everything seems to stay private on FB. No one seems to know about the page.

I have never been a FB fan. It seems you can't do anything on FB without the whole world knowing about it. 

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