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Forums breadcrumb?


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I just noticed that in my 4.2 test board the the word/breadcrumb "Forums" is missing when on the forums tab? In my 4.1 live board it is there (see pics). In 4.2 board whenever I go to another nav bar tab the proper tab shows ie: Guidelines etc.

4.2 screenshot



4.1 screenshot



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1 minute ago, Genestoy said:

Thanks Rhett, so where do I set 4.2 to show Home> Forums? Both boards have an identical separate "Home" page made in the pages section of the ACP


I'm not sure what you mean? you don't have the forums app as your home page, so if you are viewing your forums tab now, it shows Home > forums 

Please clarify? 

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I checked the site on your account and forums isn't the default app, so it shows as you are wanting, provide a link to the site in question and I can look. 

If this is your test site, your test site has the forums app as the default app, your live site has pages as the default app, and why you are seeing the differences.  If you want them to be the same, set the same app as the default app, in this case the pages app is what I believe you want, as that is what your live site has set currently.

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