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After 4.2.2 upgrade there is a problem with internal links


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16 minutes ago, Duken said:

More info.

On the Internet explorer browser it gives a "blank page" on not working embeds. :(

There were a ton of embed updates in 4.2.2. Just look at theme differences tool to see that. You have a ticket into support,, they will sort it from there.


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51 minutes ago, Duken said:

Thank you @DesignzShop but the issue occurs also with the default theme.

I'll wait ipb. Many there are other 4.4.2 users with the same issue.


Just as a fyi for your future use, the theme differences tool only references IPB's stock theme only. Not a custom theme. So when you use that tool you can see what the stock theme differences are from version to version. Themers use that tool to adjust our themes after we know the changes that occur in that theme diff tool. Not all the times it's used but in 95 percent of use it is :) 

As mentioned however, there are a lot of changes evident in 4.2.2 in regards to embeds so if a issue occurs, you'll see it all over the place, and the reason to report it to IPB through support like you have.

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Well.... 2nd reaction of ipb. They don't see any issue and The do=embed, is not a bug, but by design....

I think it's a bit busy overthere. They need to read the case once more and check out the added screenshots.

Let's wait :rofl:

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On 8-8-2017 at 10:42 PM, Adlago said:

Sorry must your reaction.

The page is an example. All the embedded links on this page give the same problem. If you click on a embedded link you get in a loop. 

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On ‎8‎.‎08‎.‎2017 at 11:28 PM, Duken said:

Yes also guest and default theme have a embedded links "loop". 


I also have a looping problem for DB records embedded in posts. 

When I inspect the element I get following

<a href="" target="_blank">MazdaClubTR bir kayıt oluşturdu : Sıkça Sorulan Sorular </a>

URL is blank...

Just submitted a ticket for this. Lets see what the response will be

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Had a solution from IPB. It will be added in next update:

Please open 'applications/cms/sources/Records/Records.php
Search for
return \IPS\Theme::i()->getTemplate( 'global', 'cms' )->embedRecord( $this, $this->container(), $this->url()->setQueryString( $params ) );

replace it with

return \IPS\Theme::i()->getTemplate( 'global', 'cms' )->embedRecord( $this, $this->url()->setQueryString( $params ) );

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