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Default language for site and admin

The Krotek

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Currently language is defined by browser settings, when you first visit IPS CS based forum, but this isn't good in some cases. For example, I have 2 languages installed, but forum itself is on one language only, yet I use English for ACP. I need my forum to be forced in second language, but still need English to work with ACP.

To fix this two simple options are necessary:

- Default Site Language
- Default ACP Language

Every other framework has such options and I never had any language issues due to this. I just chose English for admin and another language for forum and then simply hide language selection section.


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Thank you for your reply, but you either didn't read my post or didn't understand it.

1 hour ago, Meddysong said:

Customization > Languages > pencil icon > Set as members' language

This RESETS language for all CURRENT members. What I need is default language for everyone, who doesn't have any language preferences yet (not registered) or have different language set in browser settings.

As for admin language selection from menu, it's for current profile only. I asked about absolutely different things.

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