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Announcements layout

Gabriel Torres

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I think the layout for the announcements is weird, at least at our install (using the default, unmodified theme). As you can see in the screenshot below, we have the following issues:

1. Inside the announcement, the platform keeps displaying a link to the same announcement at the top of the page.

2. There is no space between the box containing the list of announcements available and the box containing the announcement title and author.

3. The contents of the box containing the announcement title and author are misaligned to the left.

See my screenshot below.


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You have the announcement widget above the actual announcements on the announcement page. That gives a confusing result. Removing it there or (what I would suggest) putting it in the sidebar gives a better result. Like most widgets, they just output their content without reacting to the actual page content. A “latest forum posts” widget also doesn’t remove a post just because you are visiting the post currently. 

The touching boxes/padding might qualify for a bug report. 

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