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Exporting a thread and importing it


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We need to export a thread from my restored forum from an earlier back up and import it into our live forum.  (same users, same setup etc)

Basically a guy deleted his thread by accident on the 27th,  we didn't notice until the 2nd. Its a thread with 2000+ pages and 7 years old. I didn't want to lose many days of content just for his thread, as we would have lost 7000 posts.   So i have got a backup from the 26th up and running, so he can access it, but i would like to export it out and import it into the current forum.

I am pretty sure they are happy to pay to get the script written, but from my research its a near impossible task

Sadly i updated the forum to the latest on after the 27th, so its not in the trash can

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