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default avatar broken in 4.2.2 Beta 2

Omri Amos

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(is there a better place to report bugs on beta versions?)

After upgrading to the new 4.2.2 Beta 2, all my users that do not have a custom avatar showed a broken image. The img code had an empty src: <img src="" alt="maimon_y">

When I changed the 'Default Profile Photos' setting to 'Generate profile photos from first letter of the member's display name' instead of 'Use the theme's default profile photo' - it worked fine.
So it seems that something is wrong with the theme's default profile photo.
To clarify: I checked with the default theme, unmodified and unchanged, all default settings. Also, in 'managing resources', the default photo - {resource="default_photo.png" app="core" location="global"} - does indeed exist.

I also tried to delete the default photo, then upload it again - didn't help.

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