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Incentives for Contributing to IP Content


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I really love IP Content (Pages) and its ability for me to build large databases of records that I can allow my community to add and modify. However I think the one downfall is the lack of recognition for contributions. If I create a database called Super Nintendo Games and drop in 728 stub records, there is nothing to encourage my members to add information in. Sure I can create a member field type and let them type their name in, but that is not really motivating. I would like to see IP Content start to showcase member contributions just as it does in other areas.

I know that when a member creates a record that they get credit towards their content count. However in the sake of keeping the databases tidy, I created almost everything. This means that my avatar and username is shown each time a record is updated. I don't think anyone really cares that I created the record "Super Mario World" back in November 2014, rather I would want to see the avatar/name/updated information show on the index.

Also people love statistics and love competing with each other, if we could work this somehow into the leaderboards to showcase those members who are adding content and value to our websites, I am sure it would attract more users to contribute. Something where if a user filled in a blank field in the database....they would get credit towards their content count.

just my 2 cents :p


EDIT: Just thought of another idea. IPB could do like they have done in IP Downloads. Where when you go to a file you can click "Who has downloaded this file", they could implement a similar function on the IP Database records with a block "Who has contributed to this record" that would then display the list of users who added/modified that record.

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