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(SL) Fine tuning IPS


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Download it here: [SL] Fine tuning IPS

I like switches)) This Hook will allow you to fine tuning your IPS community. A lot of little things in one place.


  • Show/hide 'Create' menu on the user bar in header. You can replace it by pencil-icon
  • Show/hide userbar separators
  • Show/hide member name in the header
  • Show/hide 'Mark site read' link
  • Custom 'add buttons' text in selected forums



  • You can fine tuning User panel as you wish
  • Show/hide  multiquote and quote buttons
  • Show/hide member experience
  • Show/hide member last visit time



  • Custom size of rating stars in topics



  • Show/hide 'My Attachments' link in user menu
  • Show/hide 'Ignored Users' link in user menu
  • Show/hide 'Manage Followed Content' link in user menu
  • Show/hide 'My activity' link in user menu
  • Show/hide read markers
  • Show/hide 'Mark forum as read' link
  • Show/hide stars rating in selected categories with custom size
  • Show/hide last item in the breadcrumb
  • Custom text for 'posts' and 'topics' for selected forums. For example you can change it to "oppinions"
  • More features coming...



Tested on 4.2.1. Must work on 4.x if you or your hooks didn't change templates.

If some features didn't work - try to place this hook on the top in plugins section.


You can write me personal message or in the support topic.

New features:

I will add new features as required. You can suggest your one if you wish.








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Version 1.0.1 released

  • Added ability to show/hide forum description if it has subforums
  • Added ability to show subforums one-by-line or inline
  • User menu show/hide 'My topics' and 'My posts'
  • Show/hide user menu separators
  • Some settings reorder
  • All issues reported in the PM were fixed
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