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Clubs - custom content (tabs)


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Just a suggestion to allow for custom content within clubs. Anything we add in the "custom settings" goes onto a single page, and doesn't look very good other than for basic info.

For me, this is something that would add to the clubs app. If we are asking our users to create clubs on things they like, surely we should be providing them a platform to be able to give us more information about their club too, not just basic stuff that looks out of place on the Activity page.

It doesn't have to be anything special, it could just be a custom tab that uses the regular editor.

I for example run a football forum, I would love to be able to set up a club page for each team, and then add custom tabs for things like:

Stadium Info:
Information about the ground, directions for travelling fans, places to eat and drink for away fans and so on.

Club contact Info: 
Information about contacting the club, including website, contact numbers, link to their online shops etc.

Staff and Players:
A list of current staff and squad members, including some information about each player.

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5 hours ago, Fosters said:

We're seeking for 2 testers which are interested in helping us to test our club pages app before we release it:)

Can give some details about what features are? I am waiting solution for club multilanguage ability, landing page, more focus conneting with commerce feature(for now classifieds and store).

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