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Inconsistent theme HTML


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The /terms and /privacy pages also fail to use the ipsBox class so the text cannot be read if a background image is used.

To the IPS staff: Is it possible to get an ETA of when these fixes might be applied? Customers continually report these problems to me to me but it's technically not an issue with my code :)

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9 hours ago, Lindy said:

It's in the works and we'll address it as soon as we can. 

Thanks, it is a real (first world) issue.  Let's say you have 5 themes, and there is an IPS update.  After I reinstall all of the themes because the update process doesn't work, then how do I know who was using what theme?  It tends to make users frustrated that with an update they also get reset to a default theme.  With hundreds of users or maybe thousands, I am not going to track and reset their themes for them.  So what should have been a minor security update that would have no effect on them turns into "what happened, everything is different, I really don't like the new updates...".

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  • /terms/
  • /contact/
  • /login/
  • /register/
  • /privacy/
  • /lostpassword/
  • /messenger/
  • /messenger/compose/?to=<uID>
  • /modcp/ip-tools/
  • /modcp/approval-queue/ (first run / empty queue)
  • /modcp/reports/<rID>/
  • /profile/<uID>-<uName>/edit/
  • /profile/<uID>-<uName>/photo/
  • /profile/<uID>-<uName>/?do=coverPhotoUpload
  • /profile/<uID>-<uName>/warnings/add/
  • /profile/<uID>-<uName>/warnings/
  • /profile/<uID>-<uName>/warnings/<warning-ID>/
  • /topic/<tID>-<tName>/?csrfKey=<key>&do=modLog
  • /topic/<tID>-<tName>/?do=splitComment&comment=<cID>
  • /topic/<tID>-<tName>/?do=editComment&comment=<cID>
  • /topic/<tID>-<tName>/?do=featureComment&comment=<cID>&csrfKey=<key>
  • /index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=poll&do=voters&id=<pollID>&question=<qID>&option=<oID>
  • Offline screen (showed to all groups except admins when "Forum Online" is set to false).
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I just put these lines in my custom css to help with Backstretch on default theme:

/* body */
 #ipsLayout_body {
    background: rgba(217, 215, 215, 0.9);
    border: .155em solid #000;
    padding-bottom: 20px;

Hope it helps someone.

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If no one disputes what I'm saying below can you look into this?

The theme auto-update process does work as it's been written. I think there's a mis-understanding why it doesn't.  Let me explain..


  • Let's say you create a custom setting and need to fire up Designers mode or do anything else that would require you to fire designers mode.
  • You create or make changes to setting(s) desired.
  • You turn designers mode off (possibly thinking you are done or one of many other reasons, like you need to see corrected changes etc..) 

From here let's say we load our theme into the auto-upgrader. This will work and all templates with changes will be marked and take effect correctly however....

Let's say instead of uploading our theme to the auto-upgrader we decide to make another change / add something / do something more etc... and fire designers mode again. Once we do this a second time what happens is designers mode no longer recognizes the changed template because it has not been changed from the last designers mode run. When this happens the template is not changed in auto-upgrading. The only templates recognized by the auto-upgrader are the changed files in the last run.

What it seems to come down to is you need to make all your changes in one shot. Now from here it also gets a little more interesting. 

When you make version changes while in Designers Mode, version changes has to be in concert with template changes. So you would change the version number and make theme changes all in one shot for it to run and update correctly using the auto-upgrader.

So, If someone misses just one upgrade or a dev just once misses their "One shot" deal, the end user would again be forced to re-install their theme fresh. So there's our issue. No matter what at some point everyone will need to install their theme fresh at some point. 

On a positive note, the end user gets to be current. 

The only answer seems to have the theme up-grader scan for file changes at anytime instead of just last DM use.

Now I may be wrong on this above. But this is how it appears to work for me. If I'm wrong, please share


I also do understand the other issues being mentioned here. This post was just to address changes when upgrading.

Kind Regards

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